My favorite quote has always been 'Life is but a journey so lets make it a good one!'

I started in public service back when I was 18 years old. This is when I enlisted with the United States Air force as a Security Police Officer, basicly Military Police. I knew at the age of 17 that I would end up in Civilian Law Enforcement. What better place to get experiance and training , other than the United States Military? NONE, I say!

I started learning about computers back when a 266 was the fastest on the market and dial-up was the only internet access a home owner could afford. I found myself writting INIT Strings for my modem to get twice the speed out of a 56K modem. Took about a month of testing but was able to get 112K out of a 56K modem. People ask why and I say because 'I can!' If we never test and push the limits, we never grow and learn. Do not settle!


Casey Mullis

What is your path?
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