• "The future is now!"
  • "Do not let it pass by!"
  • "Tomorrow, is Now!"
  • "If you want change, be the change!"
  • "There is no better time than Now!"


Casey Mullis The goal of this site is to bring technology and programs to light that work. We will not re-invent the wheel here. If it is out there and works, we will bring it to your attention here. You can make the final decision for yourself. Many of the items found here have been used and or tested by us and they work as reported.

This site is still under construction, please keep a check back as we will be adding more to it. You can check out our prior site at the Wayback Machine by clicking this link.


My favorite quote has always been 'Life is but a journey so lets make it a good one!'

I started in public service back when I was 18 years old. This is when I enlisted with the United States Air force as a Security Police Officer, basicly Military Police. I knew at the age of 17 that I would end up in Civilian Law Enforcement. What better place to get experiance and training , other than the United States Military? NONE, I say!

I started learning about computers back when a 266 was the fastest on the market and dial-up was the only internet access a home owner could afford. I found myself writing INIT Strings for my modem to get twice the speed out of a 56K modem. Took about a month of testing but was able to get 112K out of a 56K modem. People ask why and I say because 'I can!' If we never test and push the limits, we never grow and learn. Do not settle!